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A Reason To Hope - The Regreening of Sudbury

“For me, Sudbury is an indication that we aren't going to lose. Climate change is the biggest and most crucial challenge we face. There is hope.”

Running 3.5 for 1.5 Degrees of Peace

Congratulations to ClimateFast volunteer Mark Shapland for a successful fundraising campaign for the youth documentary film, 1.5 Degrees of Peace. Mark ran the May 1st Toronto Marathon in 3:24:30,…

World Fish Migration Day

By Swati Tomar and Lorna McCue
May 17, 2022

Emergency in Ontario Toronto Rally

More than a thousand keen activists came out for a high energy festive rally for Climate, Communities and Nature on Saturday. May 14th

Climate Conversations in Ontario - Part 6 - Art & Antidotes

Our conversations - shared expertise, stories, anecdotes - help us discover what we can offer each other. In fact, our lives depend on inter-dependence - the nurse, the nurturer, the tech genius, the…

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ClimateFast and Related Planning Meetings


ClimateFast organizing meetings take place on Wednesday evenings on Zoom. Please contact us if you're interested in attending.